student support classes after school

student support classes after school

Dear Parents,

Please note that we had introduced support classes after school for Math (Grade 7 to 12)  & Physics (Grade 9 to 12). But considering parent request, we are now introducing classes for English (Grade 7 to 12 ), Integrated Sciences (only for Grade 7 and 8) also.


The main purpose of these support classes is to give the additional practice of the concepts taught in the class. In addition, this will give the opportunity to the students to clarify their doubts as needed. These are support classes and should not be looked as a substitute for teaching in the class. The teaching methodology and pattern will complement the method that is being taught in the class.



  • We intend to accommodate 10-12 students in one batch with a teacher.
  • For the pilot, we will start with 5 sessions per week (Mon-Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri generally, a schedule will be shared at the start of the pilot program).
  • The cost will be Rs. 120 / session for the pilot program. To start off with, students will be expected to attend at least 6 sessions for a particular subject. If they choose to continue after that then the minimum commitment will be for 2 months. Deduction will be made from the imprest deposit based on the number of sessions where there’s sufficient balance (if not, then a separate payment will be asked for).  
  • Timings for the support classes will be 03:25 pm to 04:30 pm.
  • The students will get a  break from 03:10 to 03:20, wherein they can get extra tiffin from home or purchase snacks from the school pantry.
  • The buses will leave by 04:30 pm. The bus route details will be shared with the parents later.


Points to note:

  • The same teacher who teaches in the class may not be available. The school will ensure that the assigned teacher is trained and capable of solving doubts for that subject and grade.
  • The planning and quality of support in the classroom will be checked and monitored by the school.
  • Teachers who opt for this program will be paid by the school based on the no. of sessions that they take rather than the number of students. This will remove any incentive for them to promote these support classes, especially by not teaching well in the class.


Students can take additional support outside the school with prior permission. Please refer to the updated tuition policy here.


We are starting these classes for Math (Grade 7 to 12), Physics (Grade 9 to 12), Integrated Sciences (Grade 7 & 8) and Language (Grade 7 to 12) for this academic year. If we see that this initiative works well in the interest of the students and there are no glaring concerns, then we will consider starting support classes for other subjects as well. If there isn’t much response, we may discontinue the same.

The last date to fill the form is 18th October 2018. The form will be taken into consideration only if it is filled using school parent id.

Form Link-  Student Support Classes




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