Highlights and homework of 16-10-2018 ( Day -6 )

Highlights and homework of 16-10-2018 ( Day -6 )

Stars of the day – Vivaan Singh and Akshat Goyal 🙂

Groups of the day –  1) Hriya Chahwala, Vedanshi Agarwal,  Nishi Gupta and Helly Somaiya 🙂

2) Aanya Ruwala, Janvi Chopra, Zaina Shah, and Krupa Shah 🙂

[Highlight Of The Day]

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students selected their experiment to create a model for their Summative Assessment task for the unit ” Energy”.



Q1)Write the number names of the following numbers according to Indian and International place value system: Also, write the place value of the digits 5 and 3 for both the numbers.

a) 2533805

(b) 59263114

Q2) Fill in the blanks:
1) 8 kg and 250 g = ___________________________ g.
2) 51 l and 65 ml = ____________________________ml.
3) 85 m and 11mm = ___________________________mm.

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Research on the experiment selected by you for Summative Assessment task.

You can research from the link given below.



You can research it by interviewing someone or researching online.

Also, bring the materials tomorrow which you have.  Remaining materials will be provided by us.

Dear parents, a gentle reminder to send the tuition policy undertaking form.

With Regards,

Dimple Deshpande,

Have a great day!



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