Dear parents,


Math: Students understood the survey as a means of problem-solving or information gathering. Further, they understood the following terms in the context of survey- purpose, population, sample and sample size.

UOI: Students started working on their models to explain how different energies work.


UOI: Arrange for the materials you need to bring from home and prepare yourself to explain the model in front of your peers.

Math: Click on the link and solve the mixed bag: Math Mix bag- 19-10-2018

Stars of the day:  Prisha Nangalia (for taking up the role of a teacher) and Bhomik Gotecha (for being a helpful peer).

Note: Dear parents, a gentle reminder to send the tuition policy undertaking form on Monday.

Quote of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala



Aarna, Pratham and Krishaa have encashed 30 points from their account for homework.

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