Homework for October 18, 2018

Homework for October 18, 2018

Dear Students,

Congratulations COTM September 2018!!!

Finally, our hard work paid off and we won COTM September 2018. 🙂

Today you all were very well prepared with your speeches and delivered it confidently. Wonderful job! Then, you had the Special Lunch, which was followed by the Navratri celebration.

Hope you all had a glorious day today…


  • Surprise: There’s no Mixed Bag homework for this weekend!
  • Start revising the big ideas covered in this unit, decide whom you want to choose and research about your role model for the S.A task (use your time wisely and revise thoroughly).
  • Complete the ICT homework posted on Classroom.

Have a great and blasting weekend!!! 😀

-Aishwarya Jariwala

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