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Day: October 22, 2018

Finalists of the literary event – spell bee

Finalists of the literary event – spell bee

Dear parents,

The finalists of the Spell Bee competition after round-2 are:

Dignity Integrity Liberty Unity
Eeshaan Sonthalia  Mahika shah Lakshita Jain Stasha John
Jaivee Kagalwala Anushree Shah Lauren Lee Dev Sheth
Manya Kelawalah Utkarsh Dhadda Riddhima Vahora Naisha Pandya


The final round will be conducted on 31st October 2018

Important note

Important note

Dear parents,
This is a gentle reminder to sign and submit the undertaking form tomorrow (Tuesday – 23rd October) without fail (kindly ignore if submitted already). If the undertaking isn’t returned tomorrow, students will asked to serve detention until they do so.
For more details, kindly refer to the mail sent by the HOS on 12th October 2018 under the subject – PYP Tuition Note for Parents (2018).
Today’s homework

Today’s homework


Read the passage ‘Cheer up Bugalugs’ given on pg. no. 15 from the Reading Booklet.

Important note: The updated tuition policy and the undertaking form in the envelop is sent along with your child. Kindly go through it, sign the undertaking form and send it back by tomorrow without fail.


Grade 1

Field Trip to Aquarium

Field Trip to Aquarium

Dear Parents,

Nursery students will be visiting the SMC aquarium in Adajan Pal, Surat on 23rd October, 2018 (Tuesday). Parents need to pick up their child from the Aquarium at 12:45 PM.

Kindly note few important points in context of the visit:

  • Students have to reach school by bus on their regular time (9:55 AM)
  • Send a heavy meal for HMB and water bottle/lemonade (Regular Wednesday Food Policy to be followed)
  • Students should be in full uniform along with their I-cards.
  • Remember to bring the RFID Parent Pass while picking up your child.

Aquarium address: Adajan Hazira Road,

                                        Opp. STAR BAZAR,



Nursery team

Highlights of the unit – Scientific Investigation

Highlights of the unit – Scientific Investigation

How do you think scientists work?

You may answer – may be they work just like us. Or maybe –  they pose a problem and find its solution through experiment. You probably might also use the words like –  laboratory, hypothesis, solution, chemical properties etc.

Now answer the same question from a 10 – 11-year old’s point of view. Yes!!! Without a doubt, they will find it difficult, but not something they cannot come up with.

We started our unit on Scientific Investigation under the TDT – How The World Works where prior knowledge of the learners was gauged through learning centers.

Students were offered different stations with various resources ranging from readalouds to science books, from videos to powerpoint presentations as well as a gallery walk of evolutions around us.

Graphic Organizers were used as a reflection tool.

The reflection led the students to think and ask questions. And that is exactly what we wanted. This was step one of our scientific method – ASK A QUESTION.

Once we analyzed all different choice of our little Aristotle, we teachers did our BACKGROUND RESEARCH on what to do and how to go ahead with our plan.

Well, the answer was not simple until our students discovered the right path followed by all scientists around the world – THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD.

We began with our Dexters innovating and improvising some useful things for a community in need. They were really curious about how the world works and how they could add to it. Yes, they were talking about science. Their thoughts went from creating eco-friendly money in order to curb poverty, creating best out of waste, to designing voice command wheelchair to help the handicapped. You see, thoughts have no limit.

All these creative ideas were further polished by taking students across the school to observe innovations which they generally do not focus on. There was enthusiasm and curiosity in all the learners and their notes did not stop racing. Our little Alfred Nobels now had a choice to make. Some more provocations were provided to them in the form of some inspiring videos.

This led the students to think and come up with a problem and the steps for their attempt to solve it.


Students thought of crazy ideas, really crazy but doable ideas. Let us take you through some of them –

  • Designing a car cum wheelchair for my grandparents with headlights, horn, 360-degree rotation etc.
  • Making a pencil of used papers and pencil scrap which grows tree once sown after use. From one chopped tree’s paper, we will grow 100 of them.
  • Self-cleaning fan to help homemakers.
  • Making compost gas from food waste in societies.
  • A car which works with RFID and driving license serves the purpose of a key.
  • Fresh fruit perfumes, natural to use and economical.
  • Solar oven with a pizza box.
  • A solar car which will not need fuel.



It was time to test the hypothesis. Students used their persuasive writing skills and data handling survey questions they learned, to collect the required information to continue with their project ideas. Not only the school team but parents too participated to mentor our young geniuses in their learning.

Designing the blueprint, sharing the ideas, running from people to people, collecting responses, taking interviews, sending out forms and what not, the science unit made the wing chaotic. Designing, assembling, testing, breaking, re-making, discussing, all was evident in this process.

From making the group to breaking it and again regrouping and rethinking by working on the strengths of their peers, this was all done by the same 10-11 year-olds who astonished us with this social skill of theirs. They could collaborate and accept the responsibilities while working with the different set of people.

As students tested their own hypothesis, they could figure out the flaw or missing piece to their unfinished puzzle on their own. This time, teachers across sections became their mentors and were monitoring their each and every step closely. As they were briefed that the PROCESS is important and not the PRODUCT.

Some changed the idea as they could not find the required material. Some found it less innovative, on the contrary, some wished to conduct and design more than one experiment.


Analyze data and draw a conclusion


After all hullabaloo, some students stuck to their own experiments and some switched their projects in search of more feasible ones.

Now since they are nearing the science fair – which is their Summative Assessment task, they do not want to leave any stone unturned. They are eagerly waiting to showcase their hard work and evolution in their scientific knowledge.

This was a tasting for you all, the trivia is still continuing, so charge up yourselves to witness some more innovations.


Invitation – Diwali celebration!

Invitation – Diwali celebration!

Come one, come all!


Diwali is round the corner. We know you all must be busy with preparations, shopping, and ‘Diwali ki safai’. But let’s take out some time from our busy schedules for our young learners. This is the time to let them explore and wonder about our traditional celebrations. Let’s join hands and do something interesting and exciting for them.


We, Grade-2 team, would like to invite you for the Diwali celebration in FS.
Venue: Grade-2
Date: 31st October 2018
Time: 8:30 am to 9:30 am


The activities planned are as follows:
1. Candle or Diya making
2. Sweet making
3. Best out of waste
4. Snacks making


Interested parents who would like to share their enthusiasm and creativity with our students can volunteer for any of these activities by filling up this form.


1. Carry all the resources that you will need.
2. You need to prepare all the things in front of students so that they learn.
3. You can take some help of students and involve them in making things.
4. Carpooling is recommended.


Grade-2 team 🙂
Results of the poetry recitation

Results of the poetry recitation

Dear parents,

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Literary event  ‘Poetry recitation’ inter-house event.

We congratulate all the students who participated in the event.

The winners are as follows:


Classes First Second Third
Hope Vedant Berlia – Unity Urja Patel – Dignity Meera Pathak – Dignity
Amity Reyansh Chhapgar – Integrity Antra Parmar – Dignity Dhiyaana Rathod – Unity
Concord Vaaniya Gupta – Liberty Jinansh Chheda – Integrity Karnam Shah – Liberty
Peace Kanika Patel – Liberty Aksh Patel – Dignity Viana Desai – Liberty
Harmony Tanishka Pael – Liberty Arnav Bhansali – Liberty Nitya Jariwala – Integrity
Trust Anaisha Jain – Dignity Adisesh Mundra – Unity Navisha Banthia – Dignity
Truth Darsh Sheth – Integrity Vihaan Patel – Liberty Kayaan Choksi – Integrity
Joy Kiara Shah – Liberty Hridaay Agrawal – Dignity Jiveek Jain  – Dignity



Grade 1 Team