In our endeavour to develop international mindedness in our students, Fountainhead School is happy to announce that we are hosting a unique performance called “Eurythmy” for the first time in Surat. The students will witness an enthralling spectacle of art, music and movement through this performance. We hope that our students demonstrate open mindedness in experiencing a new art form.

What is Eurythmy?

Eurythmy is called as “ visible speech”/ “visible music”. This art form is around  100 years old and originated in Europe.

Who will be performing?

A group of 11 artists who are specially traveling from Europe to India. They are performing in different cities like Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad, Jaipur etc. These artists have performed in many countries (Chile, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, China etc to name a few ) across the globe.

What will the performance entail?

It will be a 90 min performance art show with an Indian folk tale, poetry, some humorous pieces interspersed with music and movement.

Date: 27th November 2018

Venue: Gandhi Smruti Bhavan (Near Mahavir Hospitals, Timiliyawad Road, Nanpura, Surat)

Time: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.


Students of Grade 5 and 6 will be attending the show. The students will attend regular school on this day. They will have a short refreshment break from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm for which school will provide snacks. Post break, the students will be taken to the venue. The students will be chaperoned by school teachers for the show.

If parents wish to attend the show, please click on the following link. Form to be filled by the parents of Grade 5 and Grade 6


Important Note:

  • Rs. 100 will be deducted from the students imprest.
  • After the program students will be given common stops as the drop off route. The stops along with the transport route will be updated later.


We are also opening this show to students of Grades 1-4. Parents will need to accompany students. Entry to the program will be permitted through passes (Rs. 100 per pass). Entry passes will be available with Ms. Suruchi Arora.

Buying passes:

Passes will be issued on First Come First Served Basis and will be available from the following dates:

30th October to 3rd November

22nd November and 23rd November (Post Diwali Break)

Entry to the program will not be permitted without a pass.

In case of any query/concerns please feel free to contact Ms Suruchi:



Fountainhead School


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