Congratulations to the winners of Literary Event Round 1:

Congratulations to the winners of Literary Event Round 1:

Dear parents,

Following are the list of students who have qualified for round 2 of the Literary Event which will happen tomorrow. Winners gear up for one more round to enter the Grand Finale.

Name Section House
Zeal Chhatiawala Courage Liberty
Diya Kothari Courage Integrity
Pal Patel Courage Dignity
Anant Mundra Fortitude Unity
Heer Davariya Fortitude Dignity
Trisha Desai Fortitude Dignity
Mannat Nandwani Freedom Liberty
Ishani Mevada Freedom Integrity
Prisha Nangalia Freedom Integrity
Pratham Sonthalia Freedom Unity
Ananya Agrawal Freedom Dignity
Jinay Shah Freedom Dignity
Navya Poddar Mettle Integrity
Manit Bhasin Mettle Liberty
Sana Rathi Resilience Liberty
Diya Shah Resilience Unity
Nishi Gupta Responsibility Integrity
Janvi Chopra Responsibilty Liberty
Kanay Shah Tenacity Integrity
Prisha Dakoria Tenacity Liberty
Dhanvin Chokkas Tenacity Unity
Hiwa Dhakan Tenacity Unity
Naisha Athavia Tenacity Dignity
Nitya Rathi Valour Unity


Priti Patel

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