Highlights of the day 30-10-18

Highlights of the day 30-10-18

Day 3


The 14th chapter was read from the Reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’.


Word problems on time telling:

1. At 3:15 pm, Mrs. Peter’s checks and finds out that her Christmas cake still needs baking for another 35 minutes. It will take 40 minutes more to decorate it. What time will it be ready?

2. The classic car race starts at 10:20 am. It takes 95 minutes. When does it finish?

3. On a holiday, Anita cycles to her farmhouse. She sets off at 14:27 and arrives at 14:58. How long was her journey?

4. Mr. Gill decided to go for shopping for one and half hours. He gets free from his shopping at 23:45. At what time did he start?

5. On Sunday, I spent 98 minutes on my science project and 35 minutes on my maths homework. On Thursday evening, I spent a total of 100 minutes on my homework. What is the difference between the time spent on completing homework on Sunday and Thursday evening?

6. My dad drives a truck. Last week, he drove 136 km on Monday and 145 km on Tuesday. This week, he drove 150 km in total. Which week did he drive more?

7. My Mother arrived at my grandmother’s house at 7:10am. My brother left our house at 6:50am and arrived at grandmother’s house 10 minutes after mother. How long did it take him to get there?

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