Dear parents,


To be done in math h.w notebook:

Q1) Write the number names of the given below numbers in figures and words using correct periods. Also, write the place value of the digits 5 and 3 for both the numbers.
a) 2533805 (b) 59263114

Q2) Fill in the blanks:
1) 8 kg and 250 g = ___________________________ g.
2) 51 l and 65 ml = ____________________________ml.
3) 85 m and 11mm = ___________________________mm.



Prepare for the celebration of the reader.


Stars of the day: 

Jinay Shah, Ananya Agrawal, Mannat Nandwani and Ishani Mevada.

Congratulations for clearing round 2 of the Literary event.

Good luck for the final round.



Fatema Topiwala

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