Community Project – 2nd November 2018

Community Project – 2nd November 2018

Dear Students & Parents,

The next Community Project Session with the supervisors is scheduled on 2nd November 2018 from 8:45 am to 11:30 am in the respective classes (Grade 8 wing). It is mandatory for all the students to attend this session. Please note that for the students who will not attend this session, their Term 1 reports will be withheld and the feedback will not be given for the performance in examinations. Attending the PTC will also not be allowed.

The below email has been already sent to the students which states the agenda of tomorrow’s session:


On this day, you are required to bring your Community Project handbook and perform the tasks mentioned below.

  1. Work on Project work plan on Page no. 19
  2. Journal 6 – Conduct Research:  Conduct a detailed research and note down the sources for your project on Page no. 20. (For conducting research you may want to contact the sources. Please bring the contact numbers of the sources with you and with the help of your supervisors, contact them)
  3. Journal 7 – Research Reflection: Reflect on your research
  4. Journal 8 – Goal: Now it’s the time to set the realistic goal for your Community Project
  5. Journal 9 – Action Plan: Make a list of steps you would need to achieve your goal. [Think about the materials, information, people, etc needed for carrying out the action plan].
  6. Take the feedback for the above tasks from your respective supervisor and get it signed on Page no. 22.        

Please note that the students who have not completed the handbook till page no. 18 or not yet submitted to their supervisors for review, need to first complete it till page no. 18, get the project approved by MYPCs or SSP and then only proceed further. [If the above-mentioned tasks are performed without the approval on page no. 18, the student may have to perform all the tasks again in case the project gets disapproved later].  


Fountainhead School.

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