PTC schedule -3rd November 2018

PTC schedule -3rd November 2018

Dear Parents,

Please find below the slot details for the PTC and goal setting scheduled on 3rd November 2018. The slot duration is of 20 mins which include 5 mins of transition time.

Request you to be present at the venue 5 mins before your scheduled appointment.

Slot Start time Slot End time Name of the Students
7.30am 7.50am Ammaar Katerawala
7.50am 8.10am Diksha Jhunjhunwala
8.35am 8.55am Chahna Lahewala
8.55am 9.15am Nishka Modi
9.15am 9.35am Harsh Mulchandani
9.35am 9.55am Divy Murarka
9.55am 10.15am Anushka Patel
10.15am 10.35am Nandan Contractor
10.35am 10.55am Dhyana Karak
10.55am 11.15am Darsh Bulchandani
11.15am 11.35am Manya Madhogaria
12.05pm 12.25pm Param Patel
12.25pm 12.45pm Agastya Agrawal
12.45pm 1.05pm Kavya Shah
1.05pm 1.25pm Saumya Pamnani
1.25pm 1.45pm MohammedHumran Fazalwala
1.45pm 2.05pm Samvit Singh
2.05pm 2.25pm Aaryam Agarwal
2.25pm 2.45pm Yashvi Desai


Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta

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