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Day: November 14, 2018

Happy Children’s Day!!!

Happy Children’s Day!!!

Dear Students,

Grade 6 is incomplete without “you.” It is all about your learning, creativity, errors, courage, excitement, excuses, requests, compromises, play, laughter and much more… And today, we celebrate that…

On behalf of the Grade 6 Team, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Children’s Day!!!

Attached below is a video dedicated to all of you lovely kids…


By the way…

Children’s Day!!! Universal Children’s Day!!! International Children’s Day!!!

Well well well… I came across all these names… Do you think all of them are the same? I wonder… If not, then what is the difference? Is today, 14th November, celebrated as Children’s day in London too? What about in Australia? Sri Lanka??? And why is today, 14th November, celebrated as Children’s Day???

Maybe you can help me understand this when we meet next…

Enjoy your day!!! See you all soon!!!


Grade 6 Team

Credits: Video created by Ms Puja Aggarwal