Important Points Regarding School Transport

Important Points Regarding School Transport

Dear Parents,

Kindly refer to the following important points regarding school transport:

  • It is mandatory to show your RFID Parent Pass at the time of pick up from the bus stop.
  • If the card is found to be duplicate a fine of Rs. 500/- will be deducted from the student imprest deposit.
  • Having a duplicate RFID card will also be considered as not having a card.
  • 26th November onwards, student will not be handed over to any parent who comes to collect their child without their RFID card. The child will be brought back to school, and the parents will have to collect their child from the school, in such a case.
  • Under an online system, issues like: student not fastening seat belt, discipline issue or any breach of transport policy will be recorded by the transport staff.  Parents will be informed and necessary action will be taken. Such actions will help ensure safety of students in the bus.
  • In case if a parent parks their vehicle at the stop in such a way that it obstructs the bus parking space, the transport staff of that bus will take a call and the bus might stop few meters away from the actual stop keeping in mind vehicles parked by the parents.
  • Parents cannot board the bus under any circumstances unless a special permission has been taken from school. Parents can report a query or concern directly to school.
  • Water bottles, lunch boxes or any other belongings left in the bus will be collected by the bus staff and will be deposited in the schools’ Lost and Found area. Parent/Student need to check for misplaced belongings in there. The transport staff will not be responsible for this. The belongings deposited in the Lost and Found area will be kept for 2 weeks, after which  they will be donated.
  • From 1st December onward, a response card will be given to the bus staff which can be used by the parents in case of any other concern or issue. The response card will contain the contact details in the form of email id of admin staff / department.


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