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Day: November 26, 2018

Homework for the day- 26th November 2018

Homework for the day- 26th November 2018

Dear students,

Please take a note of following tasks:-

  1. Complete the following worksheet in your Language notebook:-

Active and passive voice

2. Play the following quiz and send the screenshot to me via E-mail:-

Transitive and intransitive verb

3. Submit your Maths term-end paper tomorrow without fail.

4.Come prepared for the book review of month October.

Note for parents:- Kindly send a message to your child’s HRT in case your child already has the reference book for this unit (‘Just for boys’ for your son/’Just for girls’ for your daughter). The book will not be then issued from the school and imprest account will not be deducted in this case.

Homework for Grade 5 Consortium – 26th November, 2018

Homework for Grade 5 Consortium – 26th November, 2018

Highlights of the day

  1. Revision of fractions was taken through word problems and Khan Academy.
  2. Students revised our school mission statement and its core values.
  3. We have started week 10 in Language with ease.


  1. Kindly do the homework of Khan Academy that is shared with you on mail.
  2. Kindly watch the “International mindedness” video given below. The discussion of the video will be taken tomorrow.



Star student of the day is Shravya. 🙂


Homework for the day

Homework for the day


Math- Students revised the fraction word problem .

Uoi- Prior knowledge of the students for our new unit ‘Civilization’ was taken.


Complete the fraction revision problem in your NB.

Complete ‘Week 10 Day 1 ‘ from LWE book

Newspaper sharing of Roll No 1,2,3 and 5 along with the hard copy is due tomorrow .

Star of the day: Suhani



Dear Parents,

Most of you would be aware of the upcoming Eurythmy performance,   a performing arts  show with an Indian folk tale, poetry, some humorous pieces interspersed with music and movement. This blogpost comes as a reminder of the event

Students of Grade 5 and 6 will be attending the show. The students will attend regular school on this day. They will have a short refreshment break from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm for which school will provide snacks. Post break, the students will be taken to the venue. The students will be chaperoned by school teachers for the show. The students will leave all their belongings in school (chromebooks and bags) for the day. Details of the performance are:

Date: 27th November 2018 (Tuesday)

Venue: Gandhi Smruti Bhavan (Near Mahavir Hospitals, Timiliyawad Road, Nanpura, Surat)

Time: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm (Please note that the performance timings are changed. The timing mentioned earlier was 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm)

After the program students are given common stops as the drop off route. Please refer to the stops below:

Route A1
Sr.No Stop Name Drop Off Time
1 Vijay Dairy (Gujarat Gas Circle) 5:08:00
2 Trinity Mall Main Road 5:15:00
3 L.P.Savani School (Circle) Main Road 5:19:00
4 State Bank Of India (Nr, Tapi Hotel) 5:24:00
5 Prime Arcade Main Road 5:28:00
6 Near Prakash Bakery Main Road 5:38:00
7 Subhash Garden Circle 5:43:00
8 Nr. CNG Station, Dandi Road 5:46:00
Gandhi Smruti Bhavan 5:00:00
Route A2
Sr.No Stop Name Drop Off Time
1 Air India Office 5:10:00
2 Raja Dairy 5:15:00
3 Zenith Hotel (Old Amisha Hotel) 5:20:00
4 Opp.Barfiwala College Main Road 5:27:00
5 Bal Aanth Ashram 5:32:00
6 Dabholi Circle 5:42:00
7 Dabholi Gam Main Road (Nr. Bridge) 5:47:00
Gandhi Smruti Bhavan 5:00:00
Route A3
Sr.No Stop Name Drop Off Time
1 Opp,Gandhi Engg. College 5:05:00
2 Opp,Reliance Petrol Pump Main Road 5:08:00
3 Opp.Nutan Niwas Main Road 5:10:00
4 Opp,Amrut Kunj Complex 5:12:00
5 Ashirwad Palace Gate No.4 (Bhatar) 5:17:00
6 Jay Jalaram Store 5:22:00
7 Sarela Shopping Center 5:26:00
Gandhi Smruti Bhavan 5:00:00
Route A4
Sr.No Stop Name Drop Off Time
1 Nagrik Suvidha Kendra Main Road 5:08:00
2 Opp,Sargam Shopping Center 5:13:00
3 Regency Tower – C 5:20:00
4 VR Mall Circle 5:25:00
Gandhi Smruti Bhavan 5:00:00
Route A5
Sr.No Stop Name Drop Off Time
1 Maheshwari Bhavan 5:15:00
2 Opp,Subh Laxmi Complex Main Road 5:18:00
3 Opp.Om Terrace Complex Main Road 5:23:00
4 Shyam Mandir Main Road (VIP Road) 5:27:00
5 Poddar Residency, Bharthana 5:32:00
6 Money Arcade Main Road (Nr. Swastik Complex) 5:35:00
Gandhi Smruti Bhavan 5:00:00
Route A6
Sr.No Stop Name Drop Off Time
1 Uncle Shop 5:12:00
2 Nr. Prashiddhi Complex Main Road 5:21:00
3 Opp.Someshwar Enclave Main Gate 5:27:00
4 Opp,Ratna Jyoti Complex 5:32:00
5 Jolly Residency (Nr. SNS Square) 5:37:00
6 Opp,Safal Square, UM Road, Vesu 5:42:00
Gandhi Smruti Bhavan 5:00:00

Kindly click on the following link and select your nearest stop from which you would prefer to pick your child.

Link: Select your preferred stop


Fountainhead School


Homework for the day – 26th November 2018

Homework for the day – 26th November 2018

Today, we discussed the Diwali homework questions of Maths and Language and we also discussed the Mixed Bag homework. As a part of the homework, the students have to solve the questions again which they were unable to solve or solved incorrectly.

Under Language Diwali homework, the students had to search for evidence to validate the claim and conclude with appropriate reasoning. They also have to talk about this. The second part of the homework is to prepare the 2 min speech on the topic selected by them. They will be sharing the evidence and reasoning for the claim with the class tomorrow.

Students need to bring back their Maths Term-end assessment papers tomorrow.

Also, parents who were not present during the PTM are to confirm if they already have a copy of Just for Boys (for the son) or Just for Girls (for the daughters).

Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta