Homework for the day – 26th November 2018

Homework for the day – 26th November 2018

Today, we discussed the Diwali homework questions of Maths and Language and we also discussed the Mixed Bag homework. As a part of the homework, the students have to solve the questions again which they were unable to solve or solved incorrectly.

Under Language Diwali homework, the students had to search for evidence to validate the claim and conclude with appropriate reasoning. They also have to talk about this. The second part of the homework is to prepare the 2 min speech on the topic selected by them. They will be sharing the evidence and reasoning for the claim with the class tomorrow.

Students need to bring back their Maths Term-end assessment papers tomorrow.

Also, parents who were not present during the PTM are to confirm if they already have a copy of Just for Boys (for the son) or Just for Girls (for the daughters).

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Himani Mehta

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