Highlights and homework – 27th November 2018

Highlights and homework – 27th November 2018

Dear parents,

Day 4,

Star of the day: Sana Rathi and Swara Patel 🙂



Learners began with data handling and derived the purpose ‘People are influenced by technology and are spending a lot of time on different gadgets.’ To validate this statement, they chose the primary data collection method – Survey and planned population, sample and sample size. Later, Students revised different types of question. They also learnt to improve the survey question errors and created open-ended and neutral questions.




Task 1

Have you filled any survey/questionnaire? If yes, for which situation? Have you conducted any survey? If yes, for which situation

Task 2

The manager of Yumyums wants her shop to be the most popular coffee shop in town.

  1. What information could help her make sure that she keeps her customer happy?
  2. How should she collect this information?

Frame one question of each of the following type for the above situation



Multiple choice




Manjeetkaur Khalsa


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