PTC Slot Booking Details- 1st December 2018

PTC Slot Booking Details- 1st December 2018

Dear Parent.

The PTC for the Senior School students is scheduled on 1st December 2018. During the PTC, respective subject teachers, as well as the mentor teachers, will meet the parents to discuss students’ academic progress, examination performance, academic or behavioral goals.

5 minutes slot will be opened by each subject teacher. Meeting time will be 5 mins only. Please note that you should not be spending more than 5 minutes with the subject teachers. Kindly do not exceed the timing allotted to you. Also, note that it is compulsory for all students to attend the meeting. Please go through the reports before you come to the meeting. For online exam papers, you can view the papers through students id/password. Ask your ward to show you the online paper by logging in to goformative account. The exam papers will be given on the same day.

In case your child has siblings in Middle Years or Diploma Program, make sure you refer to both grade & section link (calendar) so that you can book back to back slots.

You are requested to book the slot of 5 minutes for each subject teacher you wish to meet during the PTC or if you have received mail from subject teacher to meet.

If you want a slot of your preference then please book it at the earliest.

Please plan the slot booking so that you spend minimum waiting time in school and please consider transition time also while you move from meeting with one teacher to the other.

Section Teacher Name Link
Language Rinu Prasad
Math Rutu Shah
Integrated Sciences Vidhi Ratadia
Integrated Humanities Anita Sibi
Hindi Rita Hasani
Design Nazim Pirani
Design Tulsa Mandaviya
Arts Sagar Gohil
Arts Juhi Pathak
PHE Akhil Gujarati

Seating Plan of Teachers will be shared with the parents through the blog post on 29th November 2018.

If you need assistance while booking a slot,  refer to the tutorial on the link:

P.S- For parents who come for PTC without booking a slot with the respective teacher that they want to meet- they will have to first book the slot by giving details to the admin person seated outside the Grade Wing on the day of PTC. Slots will be given as per the availability in the teacher’s calendar on the same day. This means that if you come to school without booking slots you may not be able to meet the teacher.

Please take a note of below important points for smooth and effective PTC:

  1. Parents are required to book through parent mail id only. Any slots booked through personal id will not be taken into consideration.

  2. Please keep in mind the transition time (time taken to move from the meeting from one teacher to the next).

  3. Students who have participated in FSMUN, their parents will have to book the slots as per their schedule so that students can step out from the committee meeting to meet the teachers if required or else parents can meet the teachers without the student.

  4. Parents have to meet the teachers as per the slots assigned and should not exceed the time. Teachers will not meet the parents in any slot, other than the booked slot.

  5. Teachers will discuss student performance, concerns and further steps to improve academic performance with the parents. Please do not expect the teachers to discuss the whole paper with the parents,

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