Night out – Activity details

Night out – Activity details

Dear students,

One of the much-awaited events of our grade is around the corner. It’s time to brace ourselves to collaborate with each other to add yet another joyous moment to our book of memories.
As you all are aware, this time we will be staying in school for our night-out with the students of grade 2 and grade 4. Hence, to break the barriers of communication, we have decided to provide you with an opportunity to interact with them. This interaction will be done in the form of an activity (30 mins) which is to be planned by you.
Please go through the following pointers which will help you to understand the agenda well:
1. You will be grouped with 5 other students. Out of these, two students will belong to grade 2 and two students to grade 4. The 5th student will be from your buddy class (Refer to the link given below). You will be working with this buddy to plan an engaging yet interesting activity for the other 4 students. 
2. The activity will go on for half an hour on the day of night-out.
3. Each group will be allotted an area for this activity.
4. The venues will be supervised/monitored by the adults.
5. In case you need any resource for this activity, let your homeroom teacher know about it in advance.
6. Few examples of such engagements:- Read-a-loud, Drawing/sketching, Best out of waste, DIYs, taboo (self-created), board games etc.
7. You need to plan this activity in such a way that all the students in your group understand it well so as to be an active participant.
8. Ensure that you provide clear instructions in an easy-to-understand language to these kids.


Grade 6 team

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