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Day: November 29, 2018

Homework for the day- 29th November

Homework for the day- 29th November

Dear students,

Prepare a life chart which will describe different events that occured in your life. You can also describe your life’s milestones and achievements you attained while growing up. You may choose to stick pictures, draw illustrations, make a timeline etc. You need to submit this life chart.

Complete the ‘Smile Card’ task as tomorrow is the last day to share it.

Fill in the journal made by you for this unit, if not completed yet.


Nirja Thakkar


Homework for the day

Homework for the day

Dear parents,
Language Homework has been discussed in the class.Homework to be done in language homework notebooks.Following are the details for the same:
Empowering English page 52,53. 
Q1 (a) Add adjectives to the given common nouns
     (b) Choose any 5 action words and frame sentences for the same.
      (c) To be done in Empowering English Reference book.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 Dream
Highlights of the week (22nd November to 29th November)

Highlights of the week (22nd November to 29th November)

Highlights of the week

The journey of Term 2 was embarked with gusto and the learners were welcomed with great zest via Grade level assembly. Below is the brief outline of the learning engagements done throughout the week:
Unit of Inquiry:
Tuning in and checking of the prior knowledge for the new unit under the TDT ‘Sharing the Planet’ was undertaken through different innovative learning engagements like exploration table, gallery walk, read aloud, etc.
1) Self-checking of Diwali homework was done and the doubts were also clarified by the teacher.
2) Revision of term 1 Math concepts was undertaken.
1) Self-checking of Diwali homework was done.
2) Empowering English Reference Book- The teacher revised the concept of ‘Main idea’ and ‘Moral’ of a story through the chapter ‘The monkey and the crocodile.’
3) Retell of the jungle book story was conducted.
Language development
1) Revision of the concepts like past tense, types of sentences was taken up via quiz.
2) For enhancing their presentation skills, the students were asked to share their Diwali vacation experience orally and were also provided with the prompts.
3) For enhancing their listening and comprehension skills, a story of “Blind men and the elephant” was shown to them, post which oral reflection was taken.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 team 🙂
Highlights and homework – Day 6 – November 29th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – November 29th

Math –

Language – Learners observed teacher creating a poetry using different adjectives, verbs and nouns, figures of speech, rhyming words, etc. Further, learners learned using appropriate synonym to beautify the sentence.

ICT – Learners revisited Google Chromebook shortcut keys and touch pad.

Learners completed discussion of Language and Math Diwali homework.


Math –  Complete the survey of 5 Adult.

Language –

  1. Revise and rewrite the answers for Diwali HW Task 1 (Story of Uncle Podger) and Task 2 (Poem of Mr. Nobody)
  2. Find the meaning of synonyms of verb ‘Fall’ given on the page 95 of Empowering English Reference book and write them on the same page. Use dictionary to find the meaning.



Hindi : साप्ताहिक गृहकार्य

Hindi : साप्ताहिक गृहकार्य

Grade7 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Mon Dec 03 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: दिए गये लिंक से विडियो को देखकर पतवार बुक के पृष्ठ संख्या 17 पर दिए गये 1 से 3 प्रश्नों के उत्तर हिंदी नोटबुक में लिखिए।

Central Presentation Link: Click here to view
Expected Time: 40 minuts minutes

Homework for the day – 29th November 2018

Homework for the day – 29th November 2018

Dear Students,

You need to complete 3 task as homework. The tasks are mentioned below.

  1. Write your reflection of the Eurythmy performance you attended. This reflection is to be written in the reflection sheet distributed to you all in class.
  2. Create a life chart for themselves which will pertain to different events and milestone in your life you faced growing up. You can stick pictures of themselves growing up, make a timeline, etc. Submission deadline is 3rd December.
  3. Solve the below word problem in your Maths HW notebook
    1. An underwater submarine was sent deep down on an unknown trench which was newly found. The submarine decended 800 ft below sea level. Then it came up half as much. After that it again decended 800 ft. What was the final position of the submarine?

Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta