Highlights of the week 26th – 30th Nov

Highlights of the week 26th – 30th Nov

Circle Time:

Revision of the rhymes done till date.

Introduction of the rhyme: “On the tip toes trip the fairies”

On the tip toes trip the fairies,

lightly, lightly, softly, softly.

But the mighty, clumsy giant,

stamps so heavily, stamps so loudly.

And the children skip so gaily, left foot, right foot around the ring.

All the fairies, all the giants, all the children dance and sing.

– Source: Unknown

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.
  • Language development.
  • Drill:     Q: Who helps us to catch the thieves?     Ans: The Policeman helps us

Closing circle:

  • Story: The Swan geese

Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Class library.


  • Revision of all the concepts.
  • Introduction of number ‘10’


  • Revision of previous concepts
  • Introduction of letter ‘r’


  TDT                : How we organise ourselves

Central Idea :  People play different roles in the communities to which they belong.


  • Tuning in activity was conducted.



Language    :     Page no 10 of Language Booklet

Math           :       worksheet

Important Note :-

  • The fruit day of the following sections:

Monday – Jr. KG White, Orange, Yellow, Blue

Tuesday- Jr.KG Green, Violet, Indigo, Red

  • If your child is reflecting at home kindly acknowledge the HR through daily diary.
  • Kindly send the Diwali Homework if not sent.
  • Kindly send a pair of floaters, which will remain in the class till the end of the year.

Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team


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