Highlights of the week (26th – 30th Nov.)

Highlights of the week (26th – 30th Nov.)

Circle Time:

Revision of Rhymes:

  1. Good morning dear Earth
  2. Each like a petal, of one great flower


Introduction of new rhymes:

  1.  “Up and down And up and down And round and round we go
    Left and right And left and right And swaying to and fro
    Nod your head And clap your hands And snap your fingers too
    Hoping hoping Jumping jumping Like a kangaroo
    Shake-shake- shake Twist-twist- twist Shake your whole body like this
    Oh! This is so much fun
    Come and join me everyone.”



  1. On the tip toes trip the fairies
    On the tip toes trip the fairies, lightly, lightly, softly, softly.
    But the mighty, clumsy giant, stamps so heavily, stamps so loudly.
    And the children skip so gaily, left foot, right foot around the ring.
    All the fairies, all the giants, all the children dance and sing.



Phonological Awareness :

  • Manipulation (addition and deletion) of sounds from the given words.

Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.

Closing circle story : The mongoose and the child.



  • Introduction of forward and backward numbers (51-60)
  • Revision of ‘Descending order’ using numbers (0-25)
  • Revision of number names (one to twenty)
  • Revision of all the Math concepts through learning center and guided play.
  • Term 1 Workbook Pg.no.: 20, 26



  • Revision of taught digraphs. (Identification of digraph, blending and segmenting of taught words)
  • Dictation of various CVC, CCVC and CVCC words
  • Formative assessment of digraph words through reading cards



Language: Worksheet (Read and match the pictures; Write the word)

Answer key – steps, tap, frog, tent, bib, dam


Math: Writing of backward numbers from 60 – 51 once in the notebook (Kindly follow the C.W. format)


Important note:


  • Kindly note that during the winter season, thermals (only black or white or grey color) can be worn inside the school uniform.
  • Kindly ensure that you send the required food items for the cooking slot.
  • Kindly ensure that you send fruits for home meal break on the respective Fruit days.


Thursday (Ignite, Blaze, Glimmer and Glitter)
Friday (Sparkle, Kindle, Dazzle and Shine)


Have a stupendous weekend!



Sr.KG Team


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