“Behes” Debate Tournament

“Behes” Debate Tournament

Behes tournament is a celebration of ideas, with students exploring a wide variety of topics and critically examining them. Designed to be interactive and challenging, each tournament rewards the top teams with qualification to the Maha Behes, the national season finale held in the National Capital Region (NCR) every Christmas.

All the debate topics at the events are given impromptu and based on a suggested reading (and viewing) list that is updated every few months. Students explore selections spanning a variety of disciplines in their bid to challenge the best in the debating community.

The free-flowing debate format encourages the growth of research, collaborative and analytical apart from oratory skills. Behes has now made its way into eleven cities in the 2018 season with over four thousand lives impacted, some of them as young as nine years old.

A helpful guide to learn more about them is on the website

You may also watch this short video to learn more about what the debate tournaments are like.

The Behes Surat Round a national level team debate tournament is to be held at the Gajera Global School on 9th and 10th December 2018. The top teams from the event will qualify for the Maha Behes – the national finals held at the end of every calendar year.

The details of the tournament are as follows:

Dates – 9th and 10th December 2018
Venue – Gajera Global School, Pal T.P. 10, Suda Awas Road, near Shalini Enclave, Gujarat
Dress Code – Formals
Reporting time – 8:00 am
Last date for registration – 7th December 2018 (5:00 pm)

Topics – Based on the reading list available at behes.org. Just click on ‘Resources’! 

You may enter as many teams (of three members each) as you wish in the Lions (Ages 14-18) categories. Please note that these two age groups would be competing separately from each other. The students’ ages as on 25th December 2018 is to be considered.

Their staff will be providing orientations at interested schools to educate the students about the program and get students interested. These will, of course, be free of cost. Organizing an orientation is a great way to spark an interest in debate and critical thinking at your school.


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