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Day: December 4, 2018

Grade 8 IDU Exhibition- Component of Summative Assessment

Grade 8 IDU Exhibition- Component of Summative Assessment

Dear All,

Grade 8 IDU Exhibition is scheduled on 11th December 2018.  It will be an exhibition of research done for Summative Assessment task presented through presentation and charts. 

  • Timings:   08:45 am to 10:30 am
  • Venue:     Respective Classroom

Grade 8 students will have their HMB @ 10:30 am to 10:50 am (Venue: Bon Appetit) on 11th December

Summative Assessment Task Overview:

  • In groups, you will be expected to conduct research into the transmission of a disease and explain what SYSTEMS are at work that causes and prevent disease.
  • Your task will require that you work on developing both Science and Humanities skills to make a presentation to your class, adults and other guests about the transmission of an infectious disease.

Details of the Summative Assessment task will be explained to you in your classes by teachers day after tomorrow( 6th December)


Homework for 4/12

Homework for 4/12

Lang – Attempt 5 exercises from Read theory. Explore elements of a poem.

Math – Solve the worksheet shared with you in your Math CW book.

UOI – Watch the video and write your best findings. You may use graphic organizers to communicate your understanding. Remember to make connections with learner profile attribute/attitude/skill while writing your reflection. Also, note down any questions that you have come up with during the sessions taken.  Make sure you include a cover page and glossary in your journal.


Day-3-Homework for the day!!!

Day-3-Homework for the day!!!

Math homework:

1. I carried 6,000 rupees with me to the market. I spent 2,000 rupees on a dress and had lunch for rupees 600. What is the total amount of money that I spent? How much money is still left with me?

2. A shopkeeper had 4,500 sarees in stock. He sold 1,298 on day 1 and 2,222 on day 2. How many sarees did he sell in total? How many sarees were left with him?

3. A school library has 6,876 books. The librarian bought 1,875 more books for the library. 3,875 books were issued by children for their Diwali vacation. Solve the following questions:

a) How many books are there in the library altogether?

b) How many books are still left in the library?

The word problems need to be solved in their Math homework notebooks.
Warm regards,
Grade 2 team 🙂
Highlights of the day 4-12-18

Highlights of the day 4-12-18

Day 3


Learners practiced multiplication sums using the place value kit.


Learners identified the elements of the story that were missing in the story read aloud to them and discussed their importance.


A guest speaker session was conducted by Ankita ma’am. Students understood that there are various strategies to solve problems within an organization.


You are planning to open a ‘Pizza Corner’ in your society’s shopping complex.

You want to collect and analyze data before making the decision. Make survey questions keeping the following points in mind.

  1. You want to know about whether the people living in your society prefer eating pizza or not
  2. You also want to know about their preferences in terms of toppings that they prefer eating.
  3. You are inquisitive to know how the filling is it during hunger.
  4. Knowing that Pizza has less nutritional value, you want to know what would people still prefer eating Pizza over healthy food.
Recap of the day – 4/12/18

Recap of the day – 4/12/18

Language – The students with the support of teacher created a poem on ‘My Classroom’ using the writing process. 

U O  I –Discussion of Central Idea and PIE (Persuade/Inform /Entertain) was done.


Language – Students have to read the article and comprehend the text using the strategy ‘Find important information rather than finding just one main idea’.Make two columns as important and interesting and then write three of the important points. The link is given below:

Use the thesaurus and find at least 3 synonyms of the verb “run”. Make a sentence using any 1 synonym (Remember to keep the context in mind).

Math: Click on the link and interpret the graphs: