Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Unit Exhibition

Grade 7 Interdisciplinary Unit Exhibition

Dear Parents

Grade 7 students had an enriching experience of interdisciplinary learning during their current unit of study based on the United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals.

During this unit, students worked on solving a multitude of challenges around them, ranging from improving the school infrastructure to eradicating poverty. Working alongside these challenges, the students are contributing their bit towards achieving these goals.

The culminating activity for this unit is an Exhibition which is an endeavour to empower the students to share their learning with their parents.

You are cordially invited to witness and encourage their thinking and efforts.

Details of the Exhibition -:

Date -: 11th December 2018

Time -: 11:15 am – 1:00 pm

Venue -: Grade 7 Wing.


Grade 7 IDU Team

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