Highlights and homework – December 7th

Highlights and homework – December 7th

UOI: Learners watched advertisements of BYJU’sDettol and Quit Smoking to understand the role of media. They derived that media messages are created to Persuade, Inform and Entertain (PIE). Further, they made a connection to Aristotle’s method of persuasion through rhetorical elements: logos, the logic and reasoning in the message; ethos, the character, credibility and trustworthiness of the communicator; and pathos, the emotional dimension.

Math: Learners organised the data collected through the survey and later constructed the bar graph. Further, they were introduced to the double bar graph and practised the same.

Language: Learners practised the comprehension strategy ‘Determining Importance.’


Language: Create a Google document for Language Mixed bag HW and share the same with your HRT. You also have a choice to do the HW on paper. Ensure to follow the steps of writing (Pre-writing, Drafting, Revising, Editing and Publishing)


  1. Complete the double bar graphs for Q3.
  2. Complete the Math Mixed bag HW on a piece of paper.


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