Highlights of the day 7-12-18

Highlights of the day 7-12-18

Day 6


Students visited an enterprise ‘ Nish Techno Project Pvt Limited’ as a part of their learning engagement for their ongoing unit. They understood the Structure and Function of the organization. They also got a chance to interact with the management and the employees of the company to understand their role and how they solve the problems within the organization.



Solve the given worksheet.


Complete the sentences by adding a subject or a predicate. You can add adjectives and adverbs to make brilliant sentences.

  1. The sun ___________________________________________.
  2. _____________________________ were working in their garden.
  3. The pretty girl _______________________________________.
  4. __________________ was covered with needles instead of leaves.
  5. A rich merchant ______________________________________.
  6. My younger brother ___________________________________.
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