Grade 2 – Homework for the day!!!

Grade 2 – Homework for the day!!!

Math homework:

The following are the mixed word problems to be solved in the Math homework notebooks:

1) Siyona left her home for the art class at 4:15 PM and returns home after 2 hours. Calculate how many hours was she out of her house?

2) Rajdhani train leaves Surat station at 12:30 PM and reaches Baroda at 3:30 PM. How many hours does it take to reach Baroda from Surat?

3) 6,198 people visited Iskcon temple on Sunday and 2,488 people visited on Monday. Find out the total number of people visited on both these days.

4) There were 7,000 toffees in a big packet. Stasha distributed 3,125 toffees to poor children on 1st day and 2009 toffees on 2nd day. How many toffees are still left with her?

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