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Day: December 13, 2018

Sports Day Update

Sports Day Update

“ Change is constant “

It’s time for the day filled with fervor and exhilaration, amidst thrills and cheers.

Sport event  at FS has always been a hugely competitive but fun event, as the four Houses battle it out for the House trophy.

Considering the feedback received by students and parents, this year we have decided to change the format of sports day where the students will have fun activities and will compete across sections of their respective grades during the sports day which we plan to have post the games unit i.e either in February or March. Exact dates for the same will be communicated to you once we decide on the same.

While the students demonstrate their competitive games talent against the opponents from other teams, we also encourage the best athletic skill in each student. There will be an athletic event, where interested athletes can strive to achieve their goals. During the annual Athletic meet, students across Grade 5 to Grade 12  will get an opportunity to showcase their strength and ability in various athletics. The students who have qualified as finalists will compete for their place. Trials for these events have already been taken during the students PS slots. The list of the finalists is attached below. These students will compete in the finals to strive for their place which has been scheduled on 21st December, Friday.

This change has been brought so that we can ensure maximum participation during the sports day. It is mandatory for all students to attend Sports Day.

Format Layout

1.Athletics Meet:-


  • Date:- 21st December 2018
  • Events:-100, 200, 400, 600, Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, relay,80 Meters Hurdles.


  • Structure:- Selection has been done in the PS slot. Top 6 from each event (Boys and Girls seperate) have been selected for the Athletics meet.


  • Invitations of the Athletics meet will be sent to parents soon.


2.Team Games:-



  • Date:- February End/ March 1st week
  • Games:- Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Tug Of War etc
  • Structure:- Inter section games competition.

Homework – Day 4 – December 13th

Homework – Day 4 – December 13th


Task 1: Represent the bar graph on Google Sheet: (As shown in the class)

The number of bed-sheets sold by five different shops/stores in a week is given in the table below.

Shops/Stores Sanskriti Bombay Dyeing Big Bazaar Westside Star Bazaar
Number of Bed-sheets 600 850 700 300 900


Task 2: Solve the following in your Math HW notebook:

1) Navaan scored 98, 25, 105, 62 and 65 points in 5 matches. What was the average score per match?

2) Devang scored the following marks in 6 subjects: English – 88 Hindi – 64 Sanskrit – 89 Maths – 96 Science – 87 Social Studies – 80 Find his average score in 6 subjects.


Task 1: Complete the copywriting in your EE notebook.

Task 2: Complete the previous homework which are missed.

Homework for the day_13th Dec

Homework for the day_13th Dec


Language: Complete your publishing piece in your CB.

Math: Convert the following decimals to fractions :
1. 0.34
2. 45.122
3. 341. 435
4. 0.12
5. 3.002

Convert the fraction to decimals.

  1. 20/100
  2. 102/10
  3. 3/50

UOI & FA :Complete your corrections for the same.

Star of the day: Preyasi and Niyati


Highlights of the Day – 13/12/18

Highlights of the Day – 13/12/18

Day 4,


Reflection of the guest speaker session was taken through T-Chart.


Formative Assessment was conducted.


Dictation was conducted.



Complete the task given in the notebook.


Solve the following sums.

a) 3,48,900 – 2,76,475

b) 9,00,462 – 3,78,289

c) 7,10,000 – 1,02,398

d) 4,77,842 – 37,386

e) 8,88,888 – 2,09,589

Highlights of the day 13-12-18

Highlights of the day 13-12-18

Day 4


  • The 16th chapter – ‘The Land of Goodies’ of the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’  was read followed by an oral discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of eating sweets beyond a limit.
  • The teacher role modeled how to write a Narrative piece following the first two steps of the writing process (prewriting and drafting).
  • Dictation was conducted.


Formative was conducted.


Complete the given worksheet.

Homework of 13th December

Homework of 13th December

To be submitted on Monday, 17th December

  1. You have to create a write up (in your Language notebook) keeping the following points in mind –
  • Choose any object of your choice.
  • You may choose to illustrate, make a mind map or write your findings in pointers for the object which you have selected. This has to be done in your Language notebook.
  • You need to compose your own 2-4 line poem/song using any figures of speech

2.  Read pages 43 to 50 of Just for Girls(Girls). Pages 39 to 56 of Just for Boys(Boys).


To be submitted on Tuesday, 18th December

  1. Write your feelings and opinions about the “opposite” gender in pointers (in your UOI journal), in about 100 words. You may want to consider the following questions:
  •  In what ways are you different from other students in your class?
  • How are you the same as other students in your class?
  •  Is friendship with the other gender different from same-gender friendship? How and why?
  •  Do you change your actions and activities when you’re in the presence of the other gender?

2. Complete the ‘Let’s Face it’ graphic organizer given, as discussed in the class.




Highlights of the day 13-12-18

Highlights of the day 13-12-18

Cycle 19

Day 4


Formative assessment was conducted.

Area model method of multiplication was introduced.



If you decide to make a land of Indian foods, what would you put into it? Write and illustrate in the lang notebook.


Solve the following using Area Model:

a) 24 x 2

b) 21 x 4

c) 32 x 2

d) 34 x 2

e) 42 x 2

f) 30 x 3