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Day: December 18, 2018

NES Science Fest 2019 on 12th January,2019

NES Science Fest 2019 on 12th January,2019

Dear Parents,

NES International School Mumbai, Swapnanagari, Mulund west, Mumbai – 400082-in association with South Asian International Baccalaureate schools association has arranged a competition for Grades 7,8,9 and 11 on 12th January,2018. Interested students should fill the form through parent ID only  by 22nd December,2018.

please fill the form

Details of competition is as under:

1.Science Exhibition-Working Models (Cash prize of Rs 10,000/- for the best entry)

Event Details:Working models designed by students only.

Sub junior group:Grade 5 to 7
Junior Group:grade 8 to 10
Senior Group:grade 11 & 12


Working Models,mock-ups or prototypes only.

Static models will be disqualified.

Models to be prepared by student themselves.

Students must be prepared to answer judges questions about the content and development of their projects.

The evolution of ideas to execution should be mentioned in the project report.

Team size-3 students only.

2. NESISM STEAM Research Lab
Students will be given 30 minutes in the NES international school Mumbai stem research Lab,Uniquely designed for research -minded young scientists.Students will carry research work and submit their results to senior students-Mentors present in the lab.The research product will be evaluated by panelists,comprising of experts,professionals and engineers from field of Science & technology including IIT Bombay,BARC and so on.Based on the performance of the students,the panel of the judges will shortlist the best students for every event.
Junior group: grade 8 to 10

3.Science Quiz Competition
A challenging interactive science quiz in multiple rounds.
Junior group:grade 8 to 10
Senior Group:Grade 11 & 12
Electronic devices or any other resources are not allowed during this competition.

4.Scientific drawing and Painting competition
Sub Junior group:Grade 5 to 7
Junior group:Grade 8 to 10
Senior group:Grade 11 & 12
Event details:Artwork should be based on Scientific theme.Topic will be assigned on the spot
Rules:Only poster colours,water colour and Pencil colour allowed.Only drawing sheets will be supplied to students.All other materials are to be brought by student themselves.

5.Science Haiku Competition:
Students will be composing haiku on theme”Science and Technology”.Topic will be provided on the spot by competition in-charge
Junior group:Grade 8 to 10
Senior group:Grade 11 & 12
Rules:It should fit the format of a haiku-three line poem with a set of 17-syllable pattern of five/seven/five.Think about the message you want to get across.use simple words.Aim for the 5-7-5 syllable pattern.

6.JAM Competition
Just a minute Competition
Sub-Junior group:grade 5 to 7
Junior group:grade 8 to 10
Senior group:11 & 12
Rules:The participants are challenged to speak for one minute on given science topic without repetition,hesitation and deviation.

7.Test of Scientific Temper(How & Why of things)
This competition is crafted to test the reasoning ability of students and correlation to normal day-to-day activities and observation of events around them.
Sub Junior Group:Grade 5 to 7
Junior group:grade 8 to 10
Rules:It is individual event.Answer sheet will be provided.Students are required to get own pen/pencil and writing pads.While evaluating,emphasis will be upon the logical explanation of basic scientific principles and the manner in which they are answered.Answers need to be brief and focused.The word limit will be specified.

8.Science in action
This is an individual event to test understanding of the basic principles of science.Some science experiments will be shown on the screen and student will be asked to write the principle behind the experiments.After every on screen demonstration,contestants will be given time to answer a question and they will be evaluated on their understanding and clarity of the concepts.
Junior group:Grade 8 to 10 .
Participation is limited to 3 per school.

9.Space colony Design competition
Students will be given task of designing a new colony to be discovered as a habitable celestial body.Students need to attempt any one of the following:
1.Create a variety of sketches on paper to represent the possible colonial area in the celestial body. 2.Create a 3-D model using any material like cardboard,paper etc.
All structures must be labelled clearly
Materials for the space colony design competition can be brought by the participants themselves. Creativity and clarity will be evaluated by judges.
Junior Group:grade 8 to 10
Senior Group:Grade 11 & 12
Only one team of three members from each category will be permitted.

10.Science Story telling Competition
All participants will get 20 minutes for preparing a science story with the help of pictures provided.Ability and talent in narration will be evaluated accordingly.
Sub Junior group: Grades 5 to 7
Junior group:Grades 8 to 10
Senior group: Grades 11 & 12

11.Essay Writing Competition
The students are expected to write an essay of not more than 650-700 words.Topic will be assigned on the spot. Sub-Junior group:Grade 5 to 7
Junior group:Grade 8 to 10
Senior Group:Grade 11 & 12

The skits should be based on the theme”Science and Humanity”
Sub -Junior group:Grades 5 to 7
Junior group:grades 8 to 10
Senior group:Grade 11 and 12
Rules:A small skit(5 to 6 minutes) should be presented by a group of 5 students,thus inducing a sense of scientific awareness amongst the audience.
You can participate in only one event as mentioned below,as all the events will be conducted parallely.

There is no entry fee

Cost of the transportation and food will be acknowledged to you on 24th December,2018. 


Manish Tiwari



Homework for the day and Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 19)

Homework for the day and Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 19)

Math Homework :

The below is the link of online fun-filled math game related to Bar graph. 
Note: Kindly help your child to play the game by logging in with your parents ID. 
             The given link is not accessible through phone.


Redo of Formative Assessment was conducted.

Mixed bag worksheet was discussed and solved in the class.

A session for the non-standard unit was taken up for further clarity.

Revision of the steps of the bar graph was done along with which students were asked to formulate questions regarding Annual performance and asked to draw the bar graph for the same.



Camouflage worksheet was discussed and completed as a whole class.

The magic finger was read further via Choral reading and students were also asked to make predictions while reading.

Dictation of words and sentences were undertaken.


Language Development:

Week 13 of the reference book Language with Ease was done along with which revision of the “Types of sentences” was also done via videos and different activities.

Unit of inquiry:

The concept of adaptation, adaptive features, and Camouflage was taken up via videos.

Annual performance practice has been started with great verve with an impressive twist in it. This time students have taken the onus of the Annual performance by taking up different roles like backstage managers, scriptwriter, designers, etc, for which the students are high-spirited.

Parents do help your kids to learn their scripts properly.

Warm regards,

Grade 2 team 🙂

Homework for the day- 18th December 2018

Homework for the day- 18th December 2018

Dear students,

Take a note of the following homework tasks:-

1. Solve the Maths worksheet posted by Nisreen ma’am.

2. Write your feelings and opinions about the ‘opposite’ gender in pointers. You may consider the following questions while expressing your feelings:
• In what ways are you different and same as compared to other students in your class? (Body Image)
• Is friendship with the other gender different from same gender friendship? How and why?
• Do you change your actions and activities when you’re in the presence of the other gender?

Grade – 6 : Gujarati Literary Event : (AB – Initio level)

Grade – 6 : Gujarati Literary Event : (AB – Initio level)

વ્હાલા વાલી મિત્રો,

વિદ્યાર્થીઓમાં શબ્દજોડણીની સૂઝ અને તેમના વાંચન કૌશલ્યને પ્રોત્સાહન આપવા માટે ગુજરાતી ભાષાની Literary Event – “Spell Bee” લઈને આવી રહ્યા છીએ.
Literary Event Cycle – 21 (27th Dec – 7th Jan) માં જે તે ગુજરાતી slot માં લેવામાં આવશે. આ Event માં વિદ્યાર્થીઓની વય, ધોરણ સ્તરના આધારે અને ત્રણ પ્રકારના પ્રશ્નોના આધારે લેવામાં આવશે.

પ્રશ્ન – ૧ – સાચી શબ્દજોડણી
પ્રશ્ન – ૨ ચિત્ર માં ખૂટતા અક્ષર
પ્રશ્ન – 3 શબ્દ શોધ

આ Event માં ત્રણેય પ્રશ્નો મળીને જે વિદ્યાર્થીના સાચા શબ્દો હશે તે વિદ્યાર્થી વિજેતા બનશે.

प्रिय अभिभावक,
विधार्थियों के शब्दकोश की समझ और उनके वाचन कौशल्य को बढ़ावा देने के लिए गुजराती भाषा की Literary Event – “Spell Bee” लेकर आ रहे हैं |
यह Literary Event Cycle – 21 (27th Dec – 7th Jan) में गुजराती slot में लिया जाएगा | यह प्रतियोगिता (event) में विधार्थियों की उम्र और कक्षा के स्तर अनुसार ३ प्रकार के निम्नलिखित प्रश्नों के आधार पर लिया जाएगा |

जैसे की,
प्रश्न – 1 – सही शब्दावली
प्रश्न – 2 – चित्रों के अधूरे शब्द
प्रश्न – 3 – शब्द ढूँढ़ों

इस प्रतियोगिता (event) में तीनों प्रश्नों को मिलाकर जिस विद्यार्थी के सही शब्द होंगे वही विद्यार्थी विजेता धोषित किया जाएगा |

Highlights of the day 18-12-18

Highlights of the day 18-12-18

Day 1


Hands-on activity: Students revised the steps to send an E-mail and followed the same by drafting a mail to the HRT and sent it to her.


Students practiced Area model method of multiplication (2 X1) with regrouping at both places.


Students wrote a Narrative piece following the first two steps of the writing process (prewriting and drafting) in groups.


Be prepared for the Book Retell (class presentation) tomorrow.


Answer the following questions in your language notebook.

1. Who took Moon Face’s note to the children and in whose place? What was written on that note?

2. Why did Beth say that she would not have any breakfast?

3. What was very extraordinary about the trees and bushes in the land of Goodies?

4. Why was everyone telling Rick to stop eating anything else?

5. What did Rick do when he was told not to go into any more shops?

Happy Reading 🙂

‘Grade 4, Valour: Homework – 18th Dec. 2018’

‘Grade 4, Valour: Homework – 18th Dec. 2018’

Day 1, Tuesday.


Math: Interpret the graph given below:

Language: The list of sensory words is provided to you. You need to write the meaning and make one sentence for each word assigned to you. You can present it through a booklet, poster or google slide.

Note: Bring your book review book for the month of ‘December.’


Poonam Sharma Yerunkar.

Young Orators Event

Young Orators Event

Dear All,

The new world order requires youngsters to be ready with a set of skills which the earlier generations did not require. The world in which our children will work in the very near future will require them to articulate their ideas. An idea, a thought, an argument, which a youngster things about must be communicated and sold to the world, lest it withers and dies. The ability to express oneself on stage in front of an audience is a time-tested method of expressing these ideas that need to be told. In the era of communication and competition, it also is a necessary skill. In keeping with this need, Paradigm Shift has invited participants from our school for its next edition of Little Orators and Young Orators.

Little Orators (Grades 7 and 8) – a total of 5 participants from our school will be sent to this event

Young Orators (Grades 9 and 11) – a total of 8 participants from our school will be sent to this event

Selected Students will be sent to a workshop (which is mandatory).

Dates for the Semi-finals and Final round will be sent at a later date by the organizers.

Teachers in charge (you can send your names to these teachers by end of day tomorrow): Gopal Sir for Grades 7 and 8, Nikita ma’am for Grade 9 and Subhalaxmi ma’am for Grade 11.

Auditions will be conducted by all 3 teachers if the number of applicants exceeds the number of participants required.

The topic for the audition, criteria and other details will be shared once we get the number of students who are interested for the event.


Fountainhead School