Homework for the day and Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 19)

Homework for the day and Highlights of the week!!! (Cycle 19)

Math Homework :

The below is the link of online fun-filled math game related to Bar graph. 
Note: Kindly help your child to play the game by logging in with your parents ID. 
             The given link is not accessible through phone.


Redo of Formative Assessment was conducted.

Mixed bag worksheet was discussed and solved in the class.

A session for the non-standard unit was taken up for further clarity.

Revision of the steps of the bar graph was done along with which students were asked to formulate questions regarding Annual performance and asked to draw the bar graph for the same.



Camouflage worksheet was discussed and completed as a whole class.

The magic finger was read further via Choral reading and students were also asked to make predictions while reading.

Dictation of words and sentences were undertaken.


Language Development:

Week 13 of the reference book Language with Ease was done along with which revision of the “Types of sentences” was also done via videos and different activities.

Unit of inquiry:

The concept of adaptation, adaptive features, and Camouflage was taken up via videos.

Annual performance practice has been started with great verve with an impressive twist in it. This time students have taken the onus of the Annual performance by taking up different roles like backstage managers, scriptwriter, designers, etc, for which the students are high-spirited.

Parents do help your kids to learn their scripts properly.

Warm regards,

Grade 2 team 🙂

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