Young Orators Event

Young Orators Event

Dear All,

The new world order requires youngsters to be ready with a set of skills which the earlier generations did not require. The world in which our children will work in the very near future will require them to articulate their ideas. An idea, a thought, an argument, which a youngster things about must be communicated and sold to the world, lest it withers and dies. The ability to express oneself on stage in front of an audience is a time-tested method of expressing these ideas that need to be told. In the era of communication and competition, it also is a necessary skill. In keeping with this need, Paradigm Shift has invited participants from our school for its next edition of Little Orators and Young Orators.

Little Orators (Grades 7 and 8) – a total of 5 participants from our school will be sent to this event

Young Orators (Grades 9 and 11) – a total of 8 participants from our school will be sent to this event

Selected Students will be sent to a workshop (which is mandatory).

Dates for the Semi-finals and Final round will be sent at a later date by the organizers.

Teachers in charge (you can send your names to these teachers by end of day tomorrow): Gopal Sir for Grades 7 and 8, Nikita ma’am for Grade 9 and Subhalaxmi ma’am for Grade 11.

Auditions will be conducted by all 3 teachers if the number of applicants exceeds the number of participants required.

The topic for the audition, criteria and other details will be shared once we get the number of students who are interested for the event.


Fountainhead School

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