Hands on activity – Students revised the steps to send an E-mail and followed the same by drafting a mail to the HRT and sent it to her.


Students began with their narrative piece following the first two steps of writing process (pre-writing and drafting).


Area model method of multiplication (2 x 1 ) was practiced.


Guest Speaker Session conducted by Mrs. Zaveri.



Answer the following questions in your language notebook.

1. Who took Moon Face’s note to the children and in whose place? What was written on that note?

2. Why did Beth say that she would not have any breakfast?

3. What was very extraordinary about the trees and bushes in the land of Goodies?

4. Why was everyone telling Rick to stop eating anything else?

5. What did Rick do when he was told not to go into any more shops?


Solve the following using Area Model:

a) 54 x 2

b) 21 x 5

c) 32 x 4

d) 52 x 4

e) 43 x 3

f) 70 x 4


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