Highlights and homework – Day 3 – December 20th

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – December 20th

UOI – Focussing on the LOI 2 – Critical evaluation of the messages presented in media, learners observed few posters of McDonald’s. Later, they evaluated the messages using one of the thinking routines – I used to think now I thinkConnect-Extent-Challenge or Truth for Who? (Click on the link to know more about thinking routines)

Math – Learners were prepared for the interview to be conducted tomorrow at a radio station. They also listed the questions keeping in my three lines of inquiry.

They were also given feedback about the construction of a line graph.

Language – Learners enthusiastically continued to revise the poem created by themselves in pairs.

Homework –

UOI – Using one of the thinking routines as stated above, critically evaluate another message presented in the Google slide. (Refer to the slide no. 12, 13, 14 and 15). You may choose to evaluate any other advertisement of your choice.

Math – Represent the data using a line graph – Homework of Math Cycle 20 Day 3 (Construction of the line graph to be done as homework – interpretation will be taken in the class).

Language –

  1. Complete personification worksheet.
  2. Complete the copywriting task in your UOI notebook. (passage will be mailed to you)
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