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Day: December 20, 2018

Grade 6 – Highlights

Grade 6 – Highlights

We welcomed students wholeheartedly after the rejuvenating Diwali break. Ample events were lined up for them to be up on their toes once again. The collection and discussion of Diwali Homework gave the learners an opportunity to brush up their concepts and critical thinking skills.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”- Einstein.

Eurythmy performance witnessed by them served as a vital medium to help them understand the world around them in new ways and relate better to different situations, backgrounds and cultures. This experience led them to appreciate international mindedness. The excitement about spending one night at school was coupled with the demonstration of independence and open-mindedness towards experiencing situations outside their comfort zone.

Math – In order to acclimatise the learners back to the teaching-learning process, after their break, ‘Learning Centers’ were organised grade-wide wherein each section took up a concept learnt in Term 1 and the learners were assisted by the teachers in gaining deeper conceptual understanding. The concept of addition and subtraction of ‘Integers’ was reinforced and the students were introduced to multiplication and division of Integers. Under Shape and Space, the learners gained a deeper understanding of ‘Perimeter and Area’ of Square and Rectangle.

Language – Our young explorers were tuned in to the concept of ‘Poetry’ through various learning engagements. They were able to identify the different types of poem and elements of poetry. Exposure to a variety of poems facilitated the students’ learning as it helped them in understanding and identifying the literary devices used by the poet. One of the literary devices’ which they explored in detail was figures of speech.

UOI – The unit ‘Puberty’ under the transdisciplinary theme ‘Who We Are’ took off with an interactive parent orientation session by an expert. The students expressed their understanding through journal reflections and exit tickets. The guest speaker session gave a wider scope to cater to the ‘curious to know’ aspect of the unit. The learners freely raised their questions and received responses from experts in the field. They were able to dig deeper into the physical changes experienced by them at this age. Graphic organisers like ‘Let’s Face It’ and ‘Fill Your Bucket’ along with appropriate article reading and videos allowed them to get attuned to the emotional changes like self-esteem, peer pressure and mood swings.

This was all for now. Looking forward to an exhilarating fun-filled cycle ahead!

Homework for 20th December, 2018

Homework for 20th December, 2018


Math: Solve the following in your Math Notebook:

a) 0.6+3.2

b). 0.62+0.32

c). 5.4+6.8

d). 2.9+7.58

e).  6.77 – 5

f). 14.128 – 8.02

g). 32.6 – 2.32

h). 4.0 – 1.8

g). Sonia scored 8.007 in gymnastics. Jyoti scored 9.949. How much more than Sonia did Jyoti score? 

h). In a sports tournament, Krish had the average run rate of 10.7 and Sohan had the average run rate of 9.5. Which player had greater average run rate ? 

Homework for the day _ 20th Dec.

Homework for the day _ 20th Dec.

Language: Open the link and select any one text , Text A or Text B and complete the task using the correct third person subject verb agreement  in your note book as discussed in class.

subject verb

UOI: Finish your research till step 4 – Seeking information . We will continue with step 5 -Synthesis in class tom.

Star of Wednesday:Harshal

Star of the day:Kayaan, Shrikritt

Highlights of the day: 20th Dec

Highlights of the day: 20th Dec


Students continued with their narrative piece following the next step of writing process i.e, Revising.


Case Study : Students read few articles of different organizations and interpreted them keeping the LOI’s in mind.


Area model method of multiplication (2 X1) was practiced.



  • Solve the given worksheet.
  • Solve the following sums using Area model method:-

1)40 x 4

2) 33 x 7

3) 46 x 3


Mathematics Day Celebration – December 21, 2018

Mathematics Day Celebration – December 21, 2018

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (22 December 1887), we at Fountainhead are going to celebrate 21 December 2018 as National Mathematics Day. 

To celebrate this prestigious day, Grade 7, 8, 9  11 will be having a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ which includes various math related puzzles, mental math riddles etc. The Scavenger Hunt will be organized with clues ranging throughout the schools having different venues. Following is the schedule for the Scavenger Hunt for respective grade:
Grade 7:- Slot 3 & 4 
Grade 8:- Slot 5 & 6
Grade 9:- Slot 1 & 2
Grade 11- Slot 6 & 7
Homework for the day – 20th December 2018

Homework for the day – 20th December 2018

  • Complete your puberty journal. Write a detailed answer to the question ‘Why did you learn this unit? How will it help you?’
  • Complete 5 quizzes of
  • Get your Math S.A. and your Language F.A. signed by your parents.
  • You need to speak to your parents and note down in your journals any beliefs that your parents know with regards to Puberty. You may also conduct a short survey in your neighborhood and collect data for the same.
  • Color the Christmas card and write a message in general without writing any names. Bring it tomorrow to school, without fail.