Grade 2 – Weekend homework!!!

Grade 2 – Weekend homework!!!

Language homework

The students will read chapter 7 ‘In the wonderland of dream’ of the Empowering English Reference book and they will answer the Q1 and Q4  on page no 58 and 59 in the book itself. The homework is already discussed in the class.

Math homework

Solve the following sums in the Math homework notebook and recheck them using inverse relationship:
Solve the following word problems :
1) There are 4,999 people on a train from Mumbai to Surat. 909 people get down from the train at Vapi station. How many people are left on the train now?
2) I read 1,621 pages from my storybooks last month. This month, I read 2,217 pages. What is the total number of pages that I read in two months?

Dictation words for the Cycle 21:

1) Twelfth

2) Twentieth

3) Ninth

4) Thirtieth

5) Twenty eighth

6) Nineteenth

7) camouflage

8) adaptation

9) simile

10) which

11) mammals

12) endangered

13) species

14) knowledgeable

15) different


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