Highlights for the week 17th Dec- 21st December

Highlights for the week 17th Dec- 21st December

Circle Time:

Revision of the rhymes done till date.


Introduction of the rhyme:

We are walking to the cobbler’s shop,

We are marching to the cobbler’s shop,

We are crawling to the cobbler’s shop,

We are skipping to the cobbler’s shop,

We are tip toeing to the cobbler’s shop,

                                             –Source: Steiner rhyme

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.
  • Language development.
  • Drill: Who mends our shoes?

Closing circle:  

On the request of parents, we have attached a PDF file wherein you can find the story. Story:   The Musical Donkey

Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Class library.   


  • Introduction of Number 12.
  • Introduction of Before concept.
  • Oral counting from 31 to 40.
  • Revision of all the concepts.



  • Introduction of letter ‘o’.
  • Formative assessment
  • Revision of blending
  • Introduction of the Tricky word- ‘ he‘ and ‘me’.
  • Revision of tricky words  ‘I’, and ‘the’.



TDT  : How we organise ourselves

Central Idea :  People play different roles communities to which they belong.

Students were taken for in school visit to the Gardener and Carpenter.



Language : Page no. 10 & 11 of language booklet.

Math : Page no. 2 and 8 of math booklet.


Important Note :-

  • The fruit day of the following sections:

Monday – Jr. KG White, Orange, Yellow, Blue

Tuesday- Jr.KG Green, Violet, Indigo, Red

  • If your child is reflecting at home kindly acknowledge the HRT through daily diary.
  • School winter jacket is compulsory.
  • Kindly trim nails regularly.


Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team


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