Recap of the day -21/12/18

Recap of the day -21/12/18

Language: Students presented their understanding of sensory words through google presentation and illustrations and also as a class decided the success criteria for creating a Poetry.

U O I – Learners visited the 94.3 MY FM. (Field trip for the Media unit).


Language: Describe the image given below using the sensory words.


Math : 

Refer the link below and solve Task 1 in graph book and Task 2 in math homework book.

Mixed bag cycle 21 Math

U O I –Listen to RJ Pratiksha on MyFM on either of the days (Saturday or Sunday) and in your UOI notebook, answer the questions stated below. Do write the start time and end time of listening to the show.

  1. What are the messages conveyed by RJ Pratiksha during her show? What was the purpose of the messages? Do you agree with the messages?
  2. Identify any one advertisement which is repeated during her show. What was the tagline of the product/message? What was the message of the advertisement? Do you agree with the message?
  3. How many times was the Jingle and tagline of MyFM played?



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