Requesting Parents’ consent regarding the IH Assignment given for Grade 9

Requesting Parents’ consent regarding the IH Assignment given for Grade 9

Dear Parents,

An assignment has been shared with the students of  Grade 9, on the unit of Human Development. The purpose of this assignment is to understand what the Human Development mean and to develop the understanding of the rationale behind its creation which emphasizes that people and their capabilities should be the ultimate criteria for assessing the development of a country, rather than just relying on economic growth.

For this purpose, as per a task given to build upon the prior knowledge, students are ought to estimate what their own family income and budget (monthly)  and at what income would they define themselves as poor?

Please take note that they are trying to understand about money and poverty and they might ask for your actual income and budget and compare it with what they have estimated (this information is not compulsarily to be shared anywhere in the assignment explicitly; it’s only for the individual student to understand their own reality as compared to the poor). Though, if it is comfortable for both parents and students to have this estimated figures to be noted in the assignment, it would be appreciated as it would help them in their learning process.

Post the discussions with parents, the students are expected to carry out an investigation based on their inquiry generated. They are to conduct a primary research for which they will be creating a questionnaire which includes objective indicators about health, education, income are included on which interviewees can be marked. The details of these procedure is shared in their assignment.

This assignment will be assessed on the Criterion B : Investigating

Thank you.




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