Homework for 27th December

Homework for 27th December

[Unit Of Inquiry]

  • As explained in the class today, you need to inquire about the cultural beliefs associated with the pubertal changes.
  • Update your journals . Make sure you make essential connections with the CI and the respective LOIs.


 Create a write up keeping following points in mind –

  • Choose any object of your choice.
  • You may choose to illustrate, make a mind map or write your findings in pointers for the object which you have selected.  You need to compose your own 2-4 line poem/song using any figures of speech. The same has to be done in the Language notebook.


  • Keep your term (2) goal evidence ready as discussed in the class. You will be asked to produce the same soon.
  • Start working on your creative presentation for the upcoming book review (for the month of December).
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