Highlights of the day – 03/01/2019

Highlights of the day – 03/01/2019

Cycle 21

Day 4


Formative assessment was conducted.


Multiplication of 3-digit number by 1-digit using Partial Product Method was done.



Solve the following sums using partial product method:

a) 82 x 4     b) 73 x 5     c) 64 x 7


a) 6,42,563 from 9,50,007           b) 4,20,831 from 5,39,020

Give the number sentence for the following:

a) How many legs do 7 dogs have? ____________ legs.

b) How many socks are there in 15 pairs? ___________ socks.

c) A guitar has 6 strings. How many strings would I need to restring 9 guitars? ____________ strings.

d) Sonia gives out 24 party bags at the end of her party. Inside each party bag are 6 sparkle pens. How many sparkle pens does Sonia give out? ____________ sparkle pens.

Megha Chhatiawala

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