Weekend Homework !!

Weekend Homework !!


Solve the given mixed bag worksheet.


Read the story from the given link and answer the following questions in complete sentence in your language homework notebook :
What did Animal saviour do in order to save the animals?

What would you like to become Animal saviour or Anti-animal and why?
How can you become a superhero- Animal saviour?

Dictation words: The dictation words for the next Friday is as follows :

  1. example
  2. pulled
  3. covered
  4. questions
  5. towards
  6. himself
  7. capacity
  8. graph
  9. problems
  10. positive
  11. negative
  12. impact
  13. retell
  14. heard
  15. magic
  16. cross


    Thanks and regards,
    Grade 2 team 🙂

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