Highlights of the day – 10/01/2019

Highlights of the day – 10/01/2019

Day 3


Students applied their understanding of multiplication to solve real-life problems.


Sharan’s birthday is approaching near and her mother decides to organize a party for him. She decides to invite all his friends and finally ends up sending invites to 30 children. She orders the cake and makes the arrangement of all other things. At last, she visits the nearest toy shop to buy return gifts for the children and finalizes following toys:

Toys                            Quantity                       Price per piece

Spinner                               6                                            Rs. 105/-
Board Game                      8                                            Rs. 85/-
Ball                                       7                                            Rs. 127/-
Scented Slime                   9                                            Rs. 93/-

Calculate the total cost that Sharan’s mother pays to the shopkeeper. The mother pays Rs. 4000 cash to the shopkeeper. Find the amount of money she gets back from the shopkeeper.


Watch the following video.

Megha Chhatiawala

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