Homework: 10 January, 2019

Homework: 10 January, 2019


Math – Students solved word problems related to multiplication of decimal numbers.

Language: Reader was introduced to the students.

UOI : Students were tuned into the new unit – Conflict through a game.



  1. Create a cover page for your Journal of the reader.
  2. Read chapter 1 again at home . Open the link and answer the questions in the Journal Sheet. (Copy the questions and write the answers in complete sentences)Grade 5 Reader
  3. Watch the following video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV-_mrUkh5Q

Find five facts about the author and write them on a journal sheet given.

Math: Solve the given word problems in your math book 2: (Write the statements)

  1. Devang’s dog eats 0.7 kilograms of dog food each day. How much dog food will Devang’s dog eat in 3 days?
  2. Daisy bought 5 plastic discs. Each disc weighs 0.3 gms. How much do the 5 plastic discs weigh in all?.
  3. Meena brought 20 packets of pencils for Rs. 35.34 each. How much did she pay in all?
  4. Julie bought 9 bottles of maple syrup. Each bottle contained 9.2 grams of syrup. How many grams of syrup did Julie buy in total?

Multiply the following :

  • 0.12 × 6
  • 16 × 0.04
  • 55 × 1.14
  • 312.41 × 0.04
  • 82.4 × 0.62
  • 0.40 × 0.05

UOI:Use the graphic organiser given and write about a real life conflict situation you encountered.

  1. What was the conflict?
  2. How the conflict began?
  3. How it grew and what happened at last on the top most step. You can include as many steps as you want to express your conflict. You can be creative.





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