Homework for the weekend- 11th January 2019

Homework for the weekend- 11th January 2019

Dear students,

Following are the homework tasks for this weekend:-

  1. Complete the assigned and redo work related to goal progression. You need to submit the online tasks today itself. Refer to this sheet for more details:- Goal progression 2018-19
  2. Check out the post put up by Puja ma’am and do as directed.
  3. Himani ma’am will be posting a task related to the current unit. Kindly check and answer the questions based on your reading in your UOI notebook.
  4. An article will be posted by Khadeejha ma’am based on which you need to create a poster. Submit this task on Tuesday.
  5. Get your formative assessments (two are of Maths and one is of Language) signed by your parent.

Note:- Few of you might have received a notification about an assignment on Readworks.org and Khanacademy.org in spite of not having a goal related to it. You need to attempt that task. 

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