Highlights of the week !! (cycle 22)

Highlights of the week !! (cycle 22)

[Unit Of Inquiry]

The video was shared for their homework related to the endangered animals which was flipped classroom strategy and the oral reflection was taken in the class. Students understood the reasons behind animals being endangered and extinct.

All the 3 LOI’s were revised through different read aloud and videos.


Formative assessment related to capacity was conducted.

Mixed word problems of addition and subtraction were practiced in the class.

Creation of bar graph was done in groups where they followed the steps of research skills.

Constructing meaning of multiplication was done through an activity where ‘Repeated addition’ was derived.


Students were tuned into the new writing genre ‘Narrative writing’ through exploration table.

Reader: Students used ‘Visualization’ as a comprehension strategy for making their thinking visible after reading ‘The magic finger’.

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