Science Event (Science Party)

Science Event (Science Party)

Dear Students,

We the MYP science team are conducting science fair as an event, wherein you will step into the shoes of scientist and showcase your Research, Self Management, and Communication Skills by explaining the concepts of science like energy, electromagnetism, electroplating, genetics, etc. in the form of presentation on 21st January 2019 from 10.30 am to 12.20 pm that is slot 3 and 4. The event shall be on display for the above mentioned time wherein students of grade 7 and 8 will be the audience. Please note science project will itself be part of your curriculum (considered as a separate unit) and the final product & presentation will be assessed to award levels in Criteria B and C.

Venues of the event are as follows:-

Note: In case a student is not able to remain present on the event, a Daily Diary note is mandatory to be sent by the parent prior to the event.

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