G9 – IH Summative Assessment Unit 2 : Human Development

G9 – IH Summative Assessment Unit 2 : Human Development

Dear All,

Students will take the opportunity to explore their problem solving and critical thinking skills to present social enterpreneurship ideas to help them understand how to manage access to resources more responsibly as well as think of creative ways on how equal opportunites can be given to develop fair societies.

For this unit’s SA, students will be presenting their ideas of social entrepreneurship projects in Shark Tank stimulated summative assessment. These ideas are concentrating on one or more from the 3 dimensions learnt (education, life expectancy and standard of living)

The students’ presentation on their entreprise proposal will start from 28th January 2019- 5th February 2019

The template of the entreprise proposal template and exempler of the proposal (for student’s reference) are shared in the curricle Central Presentation.

Please ensure that the submission of the hard copy on the proposal is done by 25th January 2019.

-Grade 9 IH Team-







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