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Day: January 22, 2019




Curriculum and Paper Style for Mock Examination is as under:

Paper No. : Paper-1

Paper Type : Theory

Marks : 75 Marks

Exam Duration : 1 hr 45 minutes

Weightage : 60%

Units Covered:

1 – Binary Systems and Hexadecimal

2 – Communication and Internet Technologies

3 – Logic Gates and Logic Circuits

4 – Operating Systems and Computer architecture

5 – Input and Output Devices

6 – Memory and Data Storage

7 – High and Low – Level Languages

8 – Security and Ethics

Paper No. : Paper-2

Paper Type : Problem Solving and Programming

Marks : 50 Marks

Exam Duration : 1 hr 45 minutes

Weightage : 40%

Units Covered:

9 – Problem-Solving and Design

10 – Pseudocode and Flowcharts

11 – Programming Concepts

12 – Data Structures : arrays and using pre-release material

13 – Databases

Thanks & regards,

Bhagyashree Soni

Homework for Grade 5 Consortium – 22nd January, 2019

Homework for Grade 5 Consortium – 22nd January, 2019


  • Reader

Directions: Read each sentence given below. The definition of each bold word has been provided for you. Write two to four antonyms of the bold word.

  1. “Reader, you may ask this question; in fact, you must ask this question: Is it ridiculous for a very small, sickly, big-eared mouse to fall in love with a beautiful human princess named Pea?” (Chapter 5, page. 32)

ridiculous: absurd, bizarre

antonyms: ____________________________________________________________

  1. “He pushed past her and dug furiously through a pile of paper scraps, until he uncovered a thimble with a piece of leather stretched across its open end.” (Chapter 6, page. 35)

furiously: fiercely, savagely

antonyms: ____________________________________________________________

  1. “’I honor you’ was what the knight said to the fair maiden in the story that Despereaux read every day in the book in the library.” (Chapter 7, page. 40)

honor: celebrate, glorify

antonyms: ____________________________________________________________

  • Math – Math homework is assigned on Google Classroom.


Homework for the day !!

Homework for the day !!


Collect the data from your neighbours by making a tally mark chart followed by a bar graph. (In your Math homework notebook)

While eating do you watch television?

  • Always
  • Mostly
  • Sometimes
  • Never

Points to keep in mind :

  • Collect the data from at least 10-12 neighbours.
  • Decide on a title for your graph
  • Draw vertical and horizontal axis
  • Label the horizontal axis
  • Label the vertical axis
  • Mention the scale
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Grade 2 team 🙂



Highlights and homework – Day 3 and 4 – January 21st and 22nd

Highlights and homework – Day 3 and 4 – January 21st and 22nd

UOI – Learners completed portfolio for the previous unit and further, their prior knowledge was assessed for the new unit.

Math – Learners practised LCM through a real-life word problem and sums.

Language – Learners completed revision on Uttrayan descriptive writing.

Homework –

Math – Complete the following in your Math notebook.

Task 1 – Find the numbers that are divisible by highlighted number:

  1. 142, 777, 397 – 3
  2. 152, 521, 336 – 4
  3. 2, 35, 600 – 6

Task 2 – Find the LCM of –

  1. 12 and 18
  2. 18 and 72
  3. 36 and 54

Language –

  1. Describe ‘Ad Mad Show’ using the technique ‘Show, don’t tell’ in your Language writing notebook.
  2. Complete copywriting.
Highlights of the day 22-01-19

Highlights of the day 22-01-19

Day 4


The 21st chapter – ‘Some Peculiar Adventures’ from the reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read using Popcorn Strategy. The difficult words of the chapter were discussed.


The central idea ‘People can make choices to support the sustainability of the earth’s resources’ of the current unit was discussed. Students understood what choices do people make to conserve natural resources? What steps should people take to help the sustainability of natural resources?Also, the discussion of the related concept ‘consumption and conservation’ was taken.



A. Solve the following using Area model:

a) 35 x 51                   c) 86 x 23                               e) 47 x 35                       f) 74 x 70

a) 650 x 37                b) 79 x 56                               c) 964 x 47                    d) 308 x 77

B. Solve the following word problems using traditional method and with proper statements:

a) There are 32 boxes of eraser in the supply closet. Each box contains 8 erasers. How many erasers are there in all?

b) There are 14 rows in the classroom. Each row has 6 seats. How many seats are there in all?

c) Pooja bought 47 packages of cookies for her party. Each package had 8 cookies. How many cookies did Pooja buy?

d) There are 9 piles of T-shirts in Maheshwari store. Each pile has 27 T-shirts. How many T-shirts are there in all?



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Solve the following:

  1. Find the HCF of 18 and 42
  2. Find the HCF of 30 and 65
  3. Find the HCF of 33 and 19
  4. Find the LCM of 12 and 20
  5. Find the LCM of 7 and 21
  6. Find the LCM  of 10 and 21



[Unit Of Inquiry]

Find the meaning of the following words:

  • Beliefs
  • Values

Conduct research, you may interview your parents and understand their beliefs and values(take notes- record your data on paper). You may print out interesting article/s that you find online on these terms(beliefs and value).

Write down a short conclusion(your understanding) of the above given terms on a piece of paper.


Stars of the day:  Kunjjan Patel, Simone Kothari and Krishaa Shah( being reflective during a UOI session)


Stars of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala