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Solve the following:

  1. Find the HCF of 18 and 42
  2. Find the HCF of 30 and 65
  3. Find the HCF of 33 and 19
  4. Find the LCM of 12 and 20
  5. Find the LCM of 7 and 21
  6. Find the LCM  of 10 and 21



[Unit Of Inquiry]

Find the meaning of the following words:

  • Beliefs
  • Values

Conduct research, you may interview your parents and understand their beliefs and values(take notes- record your data on paper). You may print out interesting article/s that you find online on these terms(beliefs and value).

Write down a short conclusion(your understanding) of the above given terms on a piece of paper.


Stars of the day:  Kunjjan Patel, Simone Kothari and Krishaa Shah( being reflective during a UOI session)


Stars of the day:

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Fatema Topiwala


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