Recap of the day -22/1/19

Recap of the day -22/1/19

U O I – Learners were tuned into the new unit” Beliefs and Values” under the TDT  ” Who We Are”

Homework –

Find the HCF  using any method.

a).21 and 35

b) 48 and 60

c) 55 and 110.

Find the LCM 

a)40 and 20

b)5 and 30 

c) 15 and 10

Task 2 Solve the following

1) Two wires are 8 m and 32 m long. The wires are to be cut into pieces of equal length. Find the maximum length of each piece.

2)Priya just bought 1 package of 21 erasers. She also bought 1 package of 30 pencils. She wants to use all the erasers and pencils to create identical sets of office supplies for her classmates. What is the greatest number of identical sets that Priya can make using all the erasers?

3. There are 25 milk cakes and 45 chocolate cakes. In maximum how many boxes can the sweets be packed such that all the boxes are similar?

Online practice

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